The Eleanor J. Johnson Youth Center


Hours of Operation 

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday 

After School:

2:00pm - 6:00pm 

Release and Pick-up time: 5:30pm

Summer Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 10am-5pm

Early Drop-off (Car Riders): 9:30am

Check-In: 10am-11am

*if you’re going to be late call to check-in !

Lunch time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

*Most Field trips/events will be scheduled after lunch.

Dismissal: 4:30pm

Doors are locked: 5:00pm

Snack Bar Hours

10am-11am (order lunch)

3:00pm (After Lunch)

4:00pm (Last Call)

*The Snack Bar will not open on days “Superwow” are present.

Fees and Expenses for 

The Eleanor J Johnson Youth Center has a yearly application fee:

$25 Family Application Fee 

$60 Per Child 

Fees Includes T-shits/Lunch

* The E.J.J.Y.C( Renewal- payment First day of Summer Program

The Eleanor J. Johnson Youth Center 
"The Center that makes a difference!"

The E.J.J.Y.C

The Eleanor J Johnson Youth Center was founded in 1997 to provide youth with an equal opportunity to a safe and healthy environment, where they may receive after school tutoring and summer recreation Monday through Friday.

The Eleanor J Johnson Youth Center's goal is to provide all members a thoroughly enriching educational and recreational experience. Servicing approximately 150 youth, ages 6-17, the Youth Center provides consistent encouragement, guidance, and support that sometimes is missing in young people’s live todays.

The fellowship that comes from having a center that belongs our member’s, satisfies their desire to be a part of something exclusive; For the youth, it is home away from home and an opportunity for healthy socialization with their peers; For our parents/guardians, The Youth Center is a safe place for their child, after school, during school breaks and summer vacation.